About pawfoo

PawFoo is dedicated to making nutritious, traceable, and sustainable pet snacks for your furry pals.

We achieve this by sourcing human-grade and highly nutritious ingredients, such as salmon, that local food manufacturers would normally dispose of due to aesthetic reasons.

We upcycle these ingredients into a variety of tasty pet treats validated by vets.

We Marry the Best of Both Worlds; For Both the Health-conscious and Eco-conscious

PawFoo’s snack ingredients are carefully curated and do not contain any additives nor preservatives. We sample and test all the snacks we create so you can rest assured that we only use safe, edible ingredients. 

Save the earth while your pet enjoys our tasty treats. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and have a direct influence on decreasing carbon emissions. You take climate action whenever you purchase with us.

They loved it so so much. The moment I open the bag, all 3 of my cats woke up from their nap. One bit my finger cuz he was too eager to eat it. One of my cat is super picky eater and won’t eat store bought cat can food. But she love the snack so much. After their snack they won’t stop meowing for more.

— Verdelle Kuewe, Owner of 3 Cats